Funds raised for state-of-the-art large animal clinic

  • Christopher Sporborg chaired The Charity Race Evening committee for The Royal Veterinary College, University of London and raised £100,000 profit for the new Large Animal Clinical Centre at the college’s Hertfordshire base.

    More than 200 guests attended an dinner where Clare Balding auctioned some popular lots including a trip to Dubai, a dinner party for 12 cooked by The Ritz Club chef and a drawing of a Greyhound by Jonathan Trowell.

    The Large Animal Clinical Centre will be the first of its kind in the UK. It will be unique in its provision of a combined centre for veterinary hospital facilities and equine sports medicine.

    The plan is for it to provide comprehensive clinical care, rehabilitation, remedial farriery and the assessment of performance in horses.

    Building on the first two phases is scheduled to begin later this year.

    The new stabling and the Imaging and Diagnostic Unit will cost of £4.3 million and to date RVC has raised more than £2.5 million.

    The Imaging and Diagnostic Unit will provide researchers both with an accurate and precise diagnosis for treating horses and a prediction of future performance.

    The unit will replace the traditional photographic, film-based approach of capturing X-rays with a revolutionary digital radiography and Computerised Tomography.

    By developing Ultra-sonography, Scintigraphy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging they will overcome many of the limitations of X-ray based systems.

    About the Royal Veterinary College

    The Royal Veterinary College is the largest veterinary school in the UK. The teaching it provides includes the following – Veterinary Undergraduate Degree for veterinary surgeons; Veterinary Nursing Degree Diploma Courses; continuing training for Postgraduate Veterinarians; Equine Physiotherapists and Farriers Short courses and lectures for horse owners; Training in veterinary and biomedical research

    For more information contact The Royal Veterinary College (tel: 01707 666237) or visit www.rvc.ac.uk

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