Funding needed for disabled riders’ horse

  • An appeal has been launched to pay for an operation needed by a horse used by disabled riders

    Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Equestrian Centre has launched an appeal to pay for an operation needed by one of their horses used by disabled riders.

    Three years ago, Lovebug, a 15.1hh Danish Warmblood mare, was subjected to a vicious attack and now needs an operation to remove one of her ovaries.

    Lovebug was found in her field by one of the centre’s grooms, covered in blood having been slashed across her buttocks and rear end.

    According to vets, the mare had suffered internal injuries and although she eventually recovered, Lovebug has suffered with reproductive problems ever since.

    “We were all amazed at how quickly she pulled through,” said the centre’s administrator Sally Lichfield.

    “Unfortunately, she has been left with a legacy of problems, which have got worse over time.”

    “When Lovebug comes into season, she suffers problems for several weeks and her temperament changes completely.”

    Lovebug is riders favourite

    A firm favourite with all thecentre’s riders, Lovebug’s problems have now got so bad that she can no longer be used by the centre’s riders when she is in season.

    The vet treating Lovebug believes the best treatment for her would be to remove one, or possibly both, of her ovaries. The operation will cost around £2,500.

    Graham Nicholson, a partner from the Regent Veterinary Group, who will be performing the operation, said: “Lovebug has been showing signs of physical discomfort, particularly in her back and pelvis region.”

    “She has an enlarged right ovary, which I’m fairly sure is due to infection and damage caused by the injuries she suffered.”

    An ovariectomy is not a common operation, but the end results are usually well worth the effort and I hope that she will be back in work within six to eight weeks of the procedure.”

    Anyone who would like to help the equestrian centre fund Lovebug’s operation should contact Sally Lichfield (tel: 02476 392397).

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