Free welfare advice for RC members

  • British Riding Clubs has relaunched its equine care and welfare advice service, with the support of Fort Dodge Animal Health, manufacturers of EQUEST horse wormer.

    The BRC Horse Welfare Advisers’ Scheme, previous called the Horse Care Advisers Scheme, intends to be a “first port of call” for riding club members, providing advice on all aspects of equine management.

    “At the moment we have 150 welfare advisers,” explains Maggie Dyus, deputy head at British Riding Clubs, “but we are aiming to have one adviser in each of the 400, plus affiliated clubs in the country by the end of next year.”

    To become a horse welfare adviser, affiliated riding club members must hold the RC Horse Welfare 3 or Phase 3 Certificate and be prepared to attend the relevant training sessions organised for the development of this scheme.

    An annual conference for BRC Welfare advisers is being organised for October 2002, with further training to be announced shortly.

    “We are pleased to be supporting the Horse Welfare Advisers’ Scheme,” says Helen Barnes, equine business unit manager of Fort Dodge Animal Health. “Owning a horse is a huge responsibility, and this scheme is a great opportunity to educate horse owners and riders on equine healthcare, including the importance of regular worming”.

    For more information about British Riding clubs, or becoming a horse welfare adviser, contact BRC (tel: 01926 707768) or visit www.bhs.org.uk/RidingClubs.htm

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