Former trainer sues for damages

  • A Lincolnshire-based racehorse trainer, whose career ended when she was thrown backwards off a rearing Anglo-Arab horse, has launched a legal battle for compensation of more than £150,000.

    Sally Wilson is paralysed from the elbows down as a result of the accident and blames the horse’s owners, who are her friends, for not telling her it was dangerous.

    She first trained the horse, Jazzie, in 2003 and found the 15.3hh mare straightforward, according to a High Court writ. She and her husband agreed to have the mare back for more training and to keep any race winnings in lieu of payment.

    She says Jazzie behaved normally for 10min as she lunged her in March 2004 but as soon as she mounted, the mare reared straight up and threw her off.

    Mrs Wilson brands the horse “dangerous”, and claims John and Sally Smith knew this because they had seen the mare rearing at their yard shortly before sending Jazzie to her.

    She also claims they were negligent and in breach of agreement by failing to warn her that the horse reared or had developed a tendency to rear.

    Mrs Wilson, 49, dislocated her neck and is now tetraplegic, despite undergoing surgery. She is suing the Smiths for damages and provisional damages, so she can return to court for more payment if her condition deteriorates.

    John Smith refused to comment when contacted by Horse & Hound. “It is purely a legal matter,” he said.

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