Foot and mouth outbreak advice for riders

  • About FMD

    • Horses, ponies and donkeys cannot catch FMD
    • Susceptible animals include farm stock, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats, as well as some animals such as llamas and alpacas. Some wild animals such as hedgehogs and deer can also contract it
    • Horses, like humans, dogs and vehicles, can spread the virus in infected material (for example mud)

    Within the 3km protection zone (PZ)

    • Horses can be moved in and out only under licence — obtainable from the local Animal Health Office until further notice
    • Horses cannot be moved from premises to premises within the PZ if they are kept alongside ruminants
    • Horseboxes where susceptible species are kept cannot be moved without a licence
    • Hacking within the zone is not allowed

    Outside the protection zone

    • Horses are not, as yet, subject to movement restrictions and shows and events can take place as normal
    • Though not required by law, rural gatherings — particularly in or near Surrey — should consider biosecurity measures
    • At present, there is no restriction on travelling horses to Ireland, Scotland and Wales, or further afield

    For more information, visit www.defra.gov.uk (tel: 08459 33 55 77) or e-mail helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk

    For full analysis of how FMD is hitting the horseworld, how riders and organisers are responding, and exclusive experiences of real riders caught up in the outbreak, see H&H on sale on Thursday 9 August

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