FMD outbreak: show cancellations

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    Hampton Sponsored Ride [13:35, 20 August, ’07]

    The Hampton Sponsored Ride is expected to go ahead on 16 September, subject to Defra giving the “all clear” by 28 August. Should the ride need to be cancelled for any reason, all entry fees will be refunded. Any updates on the situation will be posted here.

    Royal County of Berkshire Show [10:50, 20 August, ’07]

    The organisers of The Royal County of Berkshire Show (Newbury showground, Newbury 15-16 September 2007) have cancelled the livestock section of the show although the remainder of the programme, including the horse classes, will still go ahead.

    Tilford and Rushmoor Riding Club [9:45, 14 August, ’07]

    The Tilford and Rushmoor Riding Club committee has cancelled all forthcoming events as its club field is located within the surveillance zone. It is hoping to be able to hold its club show on 30 September.

    Cadnam Driving Show [10:30, 10 August, ’07]

    The Cadnam Driving Show, which was due to take place this Sunday (12 August), will now take place on Sunday 9 September.

    Rydal Sheep Dog Trials and Hound Show [17:00, 9 August, ’07]

    The Rydal Sheep Dog Trials and Hound Show will go ahead in Rydal Park on Thursday 16 August 2007. According to a show spokesman, and biosecurity mats will be placed at all entrances and exits and anyone refusing to be disinfected will be refused entry. Sheep taking part are already in situ, being provided by the farmer who owns the venue.

    For more details, contact the Secretary (tel:01539 621413/ 07980 622253).

    Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural show [13:45, 9 August, ’07]

    The Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural show (26-27 August) is going ahead as planned but all livestock involvement has been cancelled. Main ring events and horse classes remain in the schedule as well as the many other attractions.

    Priddy Sheep Fair [11:07, 9 August, ’07]

    The Priddy Sheep Fair Committee has decided to cancel the event, which was due to take place in Somerset on 22 August, due to the current Foot and Mouth crisis.

    The Chairman of the Committee, Martin Edwards, said: “This has been a hard decision to make but a responsible one in view of the current crisis. Accordingly, no activities will be provided for, including the Horse Field.”

    For more information visit: www.priddysheepfair.co.uk

    Vine & Craven Hunt cross-country ride [8 August, ’07]

    The Vine & Craven Hunt cross-country ride at Highclere, Berks on Sunday 19 August has been cancelled due to the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

    Donkey Breed Society Championship Show [8 August, ’07]

    The Donkey Breed Society Championship Show, which was due to take place at Rodbaston College of Agriculture, Near Stafford on 18-19 August has been cancelled.

    Surrey Union Hunt puppy show postponed [8 August, ’07]

    As the current outbreak of foot-and-mouth is so close to the hunt country of the Surrey Union, the hunt has decided to postpone it’s puppy show. It will be rescheduled for a future date yet to be decided.

    Special measures at Bicton Show [7 August, ’07]

    Bicton will be operating the following strict biosecurity measures at its four day show (9 – 12 August) in the hope of preventing the physical carriage of foot-and-mouth disease onto the show ground, which is part of a working farm.

      Before leaving home

      Lorry wheels, wheel-arches and mud-flaps must be have been washed clean, and ALL mud removed prior before setting off to the show. Please disinfect the floor of the horse area. Wheelbarrow wheels and any mucking out tools must also be disinfected.

      Horses hooves must be picked out and and washed thoroughly; if possible wash them in disinfectant and the legs to the knee with a disinfectant that is safe for use on animals. Bicton accepts no responsibility for any irritation to your horse that this may cause.

      On arrival

    • You will drive over a disinfectant mat at the entrance.
    • At the top of the driveway, the road will be blocked off. BEFORE entering the site, your vehicle wheel-arches and mud-flaps MUST be sprayed with disinfectant.
    • EVERY occupant must get out and dip their feet in the disinfectant footbath that is beside the lorry wash BEFORE they will be allowed on site.
    • You will then be directed to an exclusive horse unload area. Here all animals (including dogs) MUST be walked over the disinfectant mat provided, then walked to your stables. If you are a day visitor, you must then walk your animals to where you intend to park your lorry.
    • Lorries will then be moved on to park BEFORE you unload anything else.
    • There will be foot baths sited around the complex, and we ask that you dip every pair of shoes, boots or other footwear that you bring with you (yes, even high heeled shoes!) that you intend to wear during your time at Bicton. Remember the sooner you do this, the sooner they will be dry to wear, and you will not forget!
    • Every vehicle has to be sprayed as above EVERY TIME you reenter the arena complex, and as this takes up labour, we ask that you restrict traffic to and from the complex as much as possible.
    • As a result, DO NOT ARRIVE on Tuesday, as measures will not properly be in place and YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to enter the complex.
    • Any vehicles arriving after 12pm midnight, run the risk of not being able to be sprayed. This means that they will not be allowed on site until the following morning. This includes their occupants, and their horses and any dogs. These vehicles will have to park up overnight on the main driveway. We will of course work to help wherever possible. DO NOT ENTER the complex looking for someone until you have dipped your feet in the footbath provided, if the cleaning station is unmanned.

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