Five-year-old girl dies after being kicked in the head by a horse

  • A five-year-old child has died after being kicked in the head by a horse in India.

    The girl, who has been named as Saliya Salim Shaikh, was kicked when a horse was spooked during a procession in Bhavani Peth last week.

    The horse panicked when firecrackers were thrown at about 7.45pm. The girl, who was in the crowd was then kicked. She died in hospital on Thursday (5 February).

    According to local press the procession included horses, elephants and camels which were not mentioned in an application to the police for permission to hold the event.

    The president of the Shree Balaji Mandir Trust, who was responsible for organising the parade, has been arrested for causing death due to negligence. He denies the incident happened during the procession and has raised 60,000 rupees (£830) for the girl’s family.

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