Find out your horse’s personality type with fun quiz

  • Is your horse cocky or insecure? Or are you not sure what personality type he is?

    You can find out online with a quick and fun survey created by Petplan Equine.

    The insurance company has teamed up with horse trainer and behaviourist Michael Peace to help horse owners across the UK understand their horse’s particular traits so they can get the best out of the relationship.

    Over the years Michael has learnt that just like people, horses have different temperaments and personalities.

    He says this determines how they respond to certain situations.

    The Petplan Equine horse personality test is a selection of multiple choice questions that can help you work out your horse’s character and how to train him accordingly.

    It is available free on the company’s Facebook page.

    Isabella von Mesterhazy of Perplan Equine said: “We know that much of the enjoyment of horse ownership is derived from a harmonious relationship between an owner and their horse.

    “While the quiz is meant to be fun, the underlying message is serious — all horses are individuals and it’s important to understand them to enable a safe and effective relationship.”

    Try the horse personality quiz

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