Fight continues against ‘mad’ High Speed Two rail link *H&H Plus*

  • Following the prime minister’s decision to back the controversial project, H&H has spoken to a campaigner, a person who may lose their home and an HS2 spokesman for the latest information...

    Campaigners are continuing to fight the “madness” of High Speed Two (HS2), despite its being backed by the prime minister.

    Boris Johnson gave the highly controversial rail link the “green signal” on 11 February. H&H has reported on its effect on the equestrian community, with some evicted with no assurance of when they will be given compensation (news, 19 December).

    Campaigner Lizzy Williams told H&H the project — the cost of which was set out in the 2015 budget as about £56bn but an independent estimate has recently put at £106bn — does not make economic sense.


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