Fears calmed over Olympic site

  • Despite the discovery of ancient ruins, the construction of the equestrian venue for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens is on target

    Fears that the construction of the 2004 Olympic Games equestrian venue would drop behind schedule due to the discovery of ancient ruins have been dismissed by the International Olympic Committee, which claims there have been no delays.

    A team of archaeologists are currently working on the site, but the Athens 2004 Press Office said: “The Equestrian Venue construction is actually ahead of schedule, as the IOC confirmed on its recent visit to Athens.”

    There had been concerns that the finding of antiquities, including a temple to the love goddess, Aphrodite, would impede the building of the Olympic site.

    Architects have reportedly had to redesign the venue since excavations began in January.

    “Incorporating significantarchaeological sites into the venue sites is a strategy that has been used with many projects in Athens,” said the Press Office.

    The Olympic Village will incorporate a recently uncovered Roman Aqueduct, making it the first Olympic village in the history of the modern Olympic Games to combine history with the present.”

    The site for the equestrian competitions is around 15 kilometres south-east of central Athens.

    Archaeologists have found baths and massage rooms in the temple ruins, which are believed to be around 2,500 years old.

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