Farriery classes boom at 2011 Suffolk Show

  • The Suffolk Agricultural Association (SAA) is giving a double boost to the farriery industry at its show this year.

    The association will expand the competitive farriery area for this year’s Suffolk Show (1-2 June) to six double forges, which will accommodate twice as many horses and farriers as before.

    “Farriery is always oversubscribed at the show — classes run continuously from 8.30am to 5.45 on both days,” said SAA executive director Christopher Bushby.

    “So we made a decision to double the amount of space devoted to this increasingly popular area.”

    The SAA has also announced their first accredited training day and farriery competition, The Eastern Counties Spring Championship, outside of the Suffolk Show.

    It will take place at Trinity Park, the showground, on 4-5 March.

    “We have more than 100 entries,” said Mr Bushby. “As a charity we are determined to support this growing industry as part of our education programme.”

    For information, visit www.suffolkshow.co.uk

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