Exford votes for horseshoe’s return

  • Residents of Exford, Somerset, have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Golden Horseshoe Ride returning to the village after a change of venue in 2003.

    Endurance GB chairman John Hudson told an open meeting held in Exford last week: “Our prime consideration when choosing a venue is that it answers all the health and safety requirements. We would not consider returning the Golden Horseshoe to Exford unless there is a clear mandate from this meeting.”

    Chair of EGB’s Wessex Region Liz Hinings said that the ride should not run again until 2005, giving time to plan a successful event following the problems of recent years. May and June were pinpointed as the only feasible months for the ride, and there was strong support for a return to the traditional days of Monday and Tuesday.

    A number of locals also volunteered to help organise the event, and it was agreed that liaison with the Parish Council would be useful.

    John Hudson told the meeting: “I am delighted with the willingness of the local community to get involved with the running of the ride — it will make a huge difference to its success.”

  • Read the full story in today’s Horse & Hound (18 September).

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