Equus Health lauches Gastro-Kalm

  • A new charcoal supplement to help maintain a healthy digestive system has been launched by Equus Health.

    Manufacturers believe Gastro-Kalm is the first pelleted charcoal supplement available forhorses, making it easier to mix with feed.

    “Stress, erratic behaviour, poor performance, laminitis, loose droppings and poor condition are just a few symptoms which may point to a build up of excess acid or toxins in the gut,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “Gastro-Kalm is a unique charcoal supplement which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. The charcoal has been specially developed for Equus Health to create a safe, easy to feed supplement, which can be fed to horses at risk of digestive upset and ulcers, on a long term basis.

    “Gastro-Kalm is a specially developed pelleted supplement which has undergone unique manufacturing methods to ensure that it dissolves rapidly when reaching thehorse’s stomach.”

    Gastro-Kalm contains pure, activated hardwood charcoal, which provides a porous compound with the maximum surface area for adsorbing unwanted toxins and acids within thegut.

    Comes in 500g packets costing £12.95

    For further information visit: www.equushealth.org.uk

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