Equipe launch new ‘Bocelli’ saddle

  • A new saddle has been launched by Italian saddlery brand Equipe.

    The Equipe Bocelli is named after Swedish dressage champion Rose Mathiesen’s promising dressage stallion.

    It features a traditional wooden saddle tree but has new seat ergonomics, with shock-absorbing properties, which the company says makes it “technically advanced”. The knee rolls are equipped with velcro to allow the rider to change their position.

    “The saddle panels are made of the same non-toxic and non-allergenic materials as the seat, which are unaffected by temperature changes,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “It also features a sealing and insulating finish which helps to prevent sweat absorption and assist the weight distribution and pressure over the horse’s back.”

    The saddle costs £2895 and comes in sizes: 16,16.5,17,17.5,18,18.5 with numerous width options.

    For more Information visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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