Equine Anti-LickStrip shortens wound healing time

  • Nurtured Pets has launched Equine Anti-LickStrip to shorten wounds’ healing time.

    The cayenne pepper plaster (not shown) is placed over dressings to deter itchy or inquisitive horses from biting and chewing.

    The plasters are available in packs of 10, in 10” x 2.75” strips on a strong medical grade adhesive.

    This year Anti-LickStrip won Pet Product of the Year and the Pet Industry Service Innovation Award.

    Also newly on the market from Nurtured Pets are dog-targeted Anti-ChewStrips.

    Based on a similar idea, but infused with lemon powder, clove oil and oregano as well as cayenne pepper, these are designed to deter dogs from chewing furniture or anything else.

    See www.nurturedpets.co.uk

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