Equestrian training centre offers apprentice grant to employers

  • An equestrian training centre in Derbyshire is offering a new apprentice grant for employers.

    Stubbing Court Training (SCT) works with employers in the horse industry to offer apprenticeships in riding schools, livery yards and competition yards up to international level.

    The apprentice grant for employers is a government contribution to the costs of new apprentices aged 16 to 24, to those who haven’t previously taken one on.

    The scheme is part of a national drive to increase the number of young people in apprenticeships and is available until March 2013.

    “Apprentice schemes are the first choice way of entering a career with horses,” said SCT’s Belinda Turner.

    “The new grant will give a good importance to employers to take on apprentices and draw their attention to the benefits of the programme.”

    In the past SCT has worked with top-class equestrians including Michael Whitaker, Mark Kyle and Ian Stark.

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