Equestrian traders back FMD claim

  • The British Equestrian Trade Association joins a campaign to help businesses caught up in the FMD crisis

    A campaign to fight for compensation from the government for losses suffered by businesses during the FMD crisis has received backing of the equestrian industry’s trade association, BETA.

    The association estimates that by the end of the year the trade sector of the equestrian industry alone will have lost more than £170 million in turnover.

    BETA will be represented on the committee of the UK Rural Campaign, which says it is fighting for compensation for losses suffered “as a result of mal-administration and human rights breaches”.

    Other industries on the committee include tourism, auctioneers and outdoor pursuit centres.

    BETA chief executive and secretary, Claire Williams, said: “We want to assemble a number of potential test cases which would present a cross-section of the types of cases which have suffered.

    “We want to provide an avenue for people who are still having problems and want to pursue a claim.

    “The intention is to raise the profile of those who have suffered and to place the government under unremitting pressure to settle.”

    A number of meeting have been arranged around the country to introduce interested parties to the aim of the campaign.

    For more information visit: www.classlaw.co.uk

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