Endurance hits the TV screen

  • Follow the adventures of the British entry in this year’s La Route du Poisson in France, with BBC TV South’s Southern Eye

    This year’s La Route du Poisson, which took place in France from 28 – 30 September, will be shown on BBC 2 on 25 October at 7.30pm.

    This historic event, which takes place every two years, re-enacts the route taken by the horses carrying fresh fish from Boulougne to the restaurants in Paris. Taking place over a 24-hour stretch, it takes a team of 20 horses, drivers and a ground team of more than 50 to complete the race.

    Britain fielded an entry for the second time. Led by Rowena McDermott from Ringwood with 20 horses, including Percherons, Shires, Ardennes and Suffolks, plus a back-up team of 53.

    This documentary covers their race from start to finish and things don’t always go to plan. From food poisoning to incurred penalties, the British team battle on.

    Speaking after the race’s completion Rowena said: “It is the most incredible thing you can take part in, the atmosphere is incredible. I will definitely be back in two years time, although several team members are now taking French lessons.”

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