Endurance GB shuts members’ online forum

  • Endurance GB (EGB) has closed its online members’ forum, to the surprise of members.

    A spokesman for EGB told H&H that the decision was “not taken lightly” and that the board is “working hard to enhance existing communication platforms in light of the forum closing”.

    He added: “It is not the board’s wish to censor members’ views. Sadly the forum became an increasing drain on time and resources, which we could not sustain.

    “Our efforts are now focused on providing an excellent ride calendar, improving our infrastructure and promoting endurance riding in the UK. Any concerned members are urged to email the board.”

    The forum had been administered by volunteers.

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    But a statement to members said that “once again we have had issues with individuals abusing the forum guidelines and the volunteers”.

    The statement continued that the organisation was “keen to become more transparent so people can raise issues directly with the line director responsible for each operational area.”

    One forum member said: “I feel very sad that the forum has been closed, particularly for the non-riding members who used it to keep in touch. On the whole it was a useful forum for debate and advice and to find people to ride with for new members and novice horses. It was also good for keeping up to date with what is happening. A very sad day for the society and the sport within the UK.”

    Another forum has been set up, which already has nearly 300 members.

    “After speaking with many members, it became clear that they wanted a place where they could exchange ideas, opinions, share ride details and ask other members for advice,” said a spokesman.

    “The fact the EGB board voted unanimously to shut such a valuable resource without any official notice was a shame and we have simply offered an alternative. Endurance-Chat will be run by for anyone who is interested in our sport.”

    Ref: H&H 28 January, 2016

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