Easy entry into JumpCross

  • The increasingly popular sport of JumpCross is introducing a fourth level of competition to encourage less experienced riders to get involved. The fences in Intro classes will be set at an average height of 2’3″ with riders competing as individuals, instead of being part of a two-man team.

    JumpCross brainchild Robin Dunlop explains: “Intro JumpCross has been developed to give riders and horses looking for a less intimidating alternative to solid cross-country obstacles a way into the sport. We also think it will be ideal for those who need to gain confidence in their ability to ride across country.”

    The JumpCross team is hopeful that a combination of Intro training and competition will help rider progress to compete in Group 3 team events, which take place as a over 2’9″ courses against the clock, and beyond.

    “By combining the Intro competitions with the support and expertise provided on our training days, we hoped riders will gain the confidence and desire to take themselves, their horse and a team-mate to compete at the next level,” continues Robin.

    The JumpCross team is also celebrating gaining a new sponsor for the 2004 season in the form of Verm-X, a non-chemical method of internal parasite control.

    Philip Ghazala, director of Verm-X Ltd says: “Jump Cross and Verm-X are both relatively new and innovative new ways of looking at existing ideas and appeal to a wide audience ranging from pleasure riders to professionals.”

    The sport of JumpCross, in which riders compete over knock-down fences situated on natural terrain against the clock, began at Grange Farm, Peterborough in 2001. It is now being held at five locations around Britain with plans for further expansion.

    For more information visit: www.jumpcross.com

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