Driver involved in horrific horse collision avoids prosecution

  • The driver involved in a terrifying collision with two horses which was caught on camera will not face prosecution, police have confirmed.

    The unidentified man whose car knocked two horses off their feet in Cambridgeshire on 3 March has completed a “driver awareness course” instead and no further action will be taken.

    The driver was on the wrong side of the road when he collided with horses Patsy and Fleur, from nearby Witcham Equestrian Centre.

    Patsy, who was slightly in front, was thrown into the air while Fleur was knocked on to the verge and both riders fell off. All involved managed to avoid serious injury.

    “The driver has now completed his driver awareness course (DAC),” said a spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police.

    “DACs are offered in lieu of prosecution and if the driver fully complies, which in this case he has, then that is the end of the matter.

    “The DAC is an alternative to taking the matter to court. This collision sits within the circumstances that would ordinarily cover such collisions.

    “The NPCC guidance on the offer of a DAC states that it is not justified to not offer a DAC because of the consequences of a collision.

    “Of course, if we offer a DAC and the driver chooses not to take our offer then he would be summonsed.”

    On behalf of the equestrian centre, Jane Hart told H&H Fleur is back in work and Patsy is recovering well.

    “Patsy’s doing super, far better than we ever anticipated,” she said. “She’s hacking again and she’s nervous, of course, but we’ve been taking her out with an older, experienced horse and most drivers have been fabulous.

    “One or two still don’t care, but we’re actively promoting safe driving.”

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    Mrs Hart said Patsy is a “darling” who has enjoyed being the centre of attention – including a delivery of treats from feed company Dodson & Horrell.

    “People have been so lovely – thank you for everyone’s kindness,” she added.

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