Don’t miss this week’s ‘Amateur special’

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, out on Thursday 29 May, don’t miss our ‘Amateur rider special’ — we talk to TV presenter and event rider, Janine Jansen and more. We also show you 10 ways you can pay less for your livery, plus we’ve got all the latest news and reports.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 29 May 2014

    Amateur rider special

    • Janine Jansen: meet the TV presenter and eventer
    • Working rider diaries: H&H asked four competitive riders with busy jobs to keep a weekly diary
    • Survival tips: what are the secrets to success?


    • Great partnerships: showjumper Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Shutterfly
    • Livery special: 10 ways to pay less for livery


    • Eventing: Houghton, Saumur and Bishop Burton
    • Eventing starting box: Mount Ballan and more
    • Foreign show in focus: showjumping from Rome
    • Showjumping: Devon County, Balmoral and more
    • Showjumping comment: Graham Fletcher
    • Dressage: Somerford Park, Summerhouse and more
    • Dressage comment: Pammy Hutton
    • Showing Shropshire Country Festival and more
    • Showing comment: Stuart Hollings
    • Racing: Haydock and The Curragh
    • Hunting life: The Horn and Hound Ball and more
    • Point-to-point: news and reports
    • Polo: Cowdray Park
    • Driving: BDS East Anglia


    • Shocking number of drivers not “horse aware”
    • Photo of thin endurance horse “horrifies” riders


    • Letters: have your say
    • Ask H&H: how do you look after your horse in your will?
    • Vet clinic: the latest research and developments
    • Subscription offer: sign up today for huge savings
    • The moment: Sam Griffiths


    • Horses for sale: new on the market this week

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