Abattoir saves donkeys from slaughter

  • Two donkeys have been saved from slaughter by Devon-based charity The Donkey Sanctuary.

    Jack and Sam — who are 10 and five years old — were rescued from their fate after the charity was contacted by an abattoir.

    The abattoir said it was “reluctant to destroy such young and healthy animals”.

    The Donkey Sanctuary’s Tamlin Watson said she was thankful the abattoir called for help.

    “It’s sad the owners didn’t want them and just wanted to get rid of them,” she said.

    “But we’re very grateful to the abattoir for contacting us, rather than destroying such fit and healthy animals with so much life ahead of them.

    “Thankfully we managed to talk their owners into signing them over to us and they are now safe in our care.

    “They’re very sweet and gentle and could make great family pets in the future. Hopefully they’ll go out on our foster scheme.”

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