Donkey on road to recovery after savage bulldog attack

  • The owner of a donkey that has been left traumatised by a bulldog attack last month is urging dog owners to keep control of their animals.

    Dickie the donkey was attacked by an American bulldog on 25 October.

    He suffered serious facial wounds, and his owner Linda Pope thought he might die.

    Dickie, who is 27 next year, is now recovering but has been left wounded and scared.

    “The first week he had such bad injuries I thought that was it,” owner Ms Pope told H&H.

    “He had such huge puncture wounds in his nose and around his mouth, he couldn’t breathe as they’d swollen up so much. He had to have an emergency tracheotomy and he just wasn’t eating — I tried to hand feed him but he wouldn’t. I was so worried, but he’s eating now and the vet seems encouraged.”

    Ms Pope, who lives alone, and has owned Dickie for 25 years added: “It was really upsetting. He is a very sweet donkey. I bought him as a companion for my horses, which I no longer have, and he got on so well with them.”

    The dog jumped over a 3ft fence into Dickie’s paddock on 25 October while it was being walked by its owner’s brother. The bulldog then attached itself to the donkey’s muzzle, biting right through his nostrils.

    Since the incident, Ms Pope has contacted the council about the issue of out-of-control dogs.

    She added: “Dogs are always running around the edges of Dickie’s field when they are being walked. I just want owners to keep control of their animals.”

    Ms Pope told H&H that the dog’s owner had only had it for two months.

    “She came to see Dickie, which took guts, and was very upset. She has offered to pay the £800 vet bill,” said Ms Pope,

    But I’m concerned the dog will attack again. It was in such a frenzy when the owner’s brother pulled him off my donkey, the dog went for him and sunk his teeth into his thigh. The police have ordered the dog be muzzled but it’s a real worry — it could be even worse next time.”

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