Do you want to learn about Parelli?

  • HORSE magazine is looking for two people to receive tuition in Parelli Natural Horsemanship from Pat Parelli.

    The Parelli training system encourages handlers and riders to think like anequine. It offers a more natural way to communicate with your horse and can help overcome a number of equine problems, such as bolting, napping, stable vices or shying.

    Pat Parelli developed the training system in America and will be visiting the UK in December. This is a rare opportunity to benefit fromhis expertise.

    The session will take place on Sunday 17 December near Kings Langley,Hertfordshire.

    The two lessons will be photographed and featured in HORSE magazine early next year.

    Whether you are a newcomer to Parelli or have tried the system before,send us your name, address and phone number, plus information on your horse and any problems.

    Contact:joanna_pyatt@ipcmedia.com or telephone (020) 7261 6240.

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