Disgraced horse dealer James Gray’s Spindles Farm is up for sale

  • Spindles Farm — the site from which 115 horses, ponies and donkeys in a poor condition were removed in January 2008 — is up for sale.

    Owner James Gray appeared in court in January to appeal against his conviction and sentence for cruelty to hundreds of horses in his care.

    More than 100 equines were removed from Spindles Farm, Chalk Lane, Hyde Heath by RSPCA officers. A further 31 were found dead.

    He will learn if the judge will overturn his 6-month jail sentence and lifetime ban from keeping horses next week (6 May).

    The property is up for sale in four lots with PJSA Ltd in Windsor.

    Lot one is the farmhouse and garden, which is for sale at £1.1million.
    Lot two is a 2.8 acre patch of land — £100,000
    Lot three is 13.33 acres — £150,000
    Lot four is a farmyard with 22.69 acres — £450,000

    Lot 4 is subject to an interim charging order on behalf of the RSPCA on the beneficial interest of James Gray made at Winchester County Court on 23 September 2009.

    PJSA confirmed Spindles Farm has received a lot of interest and that the property splits naturally into two parts.

    James Gray received the maximum penalty possible for animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 on 12 June 2009.

    But he and his co-defendants — his wife Julie, daughters Cordelia and Jodie and a boy who cannot be named — all appealed the outcome of the case.

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