Detling point-to-point organisers found not guilty of rule breach

  • The organisers of a point-to-point in Detling, Kent after which two horses died were yesterday found not guilty of breaching racing regulations regarding perimeter fencing.

    The West Street Tickham Point-to-Point Committee appeared yesterday in front of the disciplinary panel of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

    The panel considered the events surrounding an incident on 14 March, when two horses ran loose on to the A249.

    The horses are reported to have fallen during the second division of the maiden race at the West Street Tickham hunt meeting and then run loose onto the road, where one was struck by a car. Both were later put down suffering from injuries.

    Yesterday, the BHA disciplinary panel held an enquiry to consider whether the point-to-point committee had breached rules by failing to have someone manning the main car park exit during the race meeting.

    The BHA panel heard evidence from Pam Baker, from the committee, and Colin Squance, the south east area chairman, and considered written evidence from Tabitha Cave, on behalf of the Point-to-Point Authority.

    In a statement, the BHA said: “The panel found the gateman on the perimeter fence had left his position for the sixth race. This would have been the final race but a seventh race was scheduled at short notice by the splitting of the open maiden into two divisions.

    The failure of the gateman to remain in post for the last race, in the circumstances of this case, did not satisfy the panel that the point-to-point committee had failed to properly consider the adequacy of the venue’s perimeter security.”

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