Debut for English reining team

  • English reining team makes Nations Cup debut in Germany this weekend

    The first English team to compete in a reining Nations Cup event will be in action at Kreuth am Rieden, Germany this weekend.

    The squad will include:

      Lauren Jolly (Zan Francisco Rey)
      Mark How (Enterprising O Lena)
      Francesca Sternberg (Dennis the Menace)
      Doug Allen (Sheza Dandy Nic)

    Reining was first recognised as an FEI discipline in April 2000, and the event in Germany will be the third Nations Cup competition this year.

    Other entrants at the Nations Cup competition in Gremany include Dario Carmignani with Frozen Sailor, individual winners and members of the victorious Italian team at the inaugral Nations Cup event, held in Italy in May.

    What is reining?

    Reining is the western equivilant of dressage, during which the horse controlled mainly by the rider’s seat and leg.

    All competitiors ride the same test or “pattern” which may include circles at a fast or slow canter, lead changes and “sliding stops”, – a transition from a fast canter to halt during which the horse brings its hind legs forward under its body as it slides to a stop.

    Marks are awarded or deducted for the movement itself and the way in which it is executed.

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