All in a day’s work for H&H’s photographer

  • It’s not just riders braving the elements in this ongoing deluge —as H&H photographer Peter Nixon can attest to.

    Peter was out capturing moments from the Tedworth’s visit to the Berkeley on 29 January — and ended up covered head-to-foot in mud.

    “It’s near the edge of the River Severn, and the fields had been about 6ft under water a couple of days earlier,” said Peter.

    “I might look like I’d fallen flat into the mud, but I hadn’t — believe it or not!”

    Peter had been on the back of a quad following the hunt — and got a proper splattering.

    “There was nowhere clean or dry to wipe the camera, either. It survived but luckily it was already booked in to have a service,” he said.

    berkeley hunt

    Good luck getting the mud off those clothes Peter….

    To see Peter’s photos from the meet don’t miss H&H’s 27 February issue.

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