Customers hit as Redmire Stables goes bust

  • Updated: 4 July 2013. This article was correct when published in Horse & Hound magazine on 2 June, 2011 and on HorseandHound.co.uk on 3 June 2011. The company was sold to new owners in July 2011.

    Redmire Stables, one of the largest manufacturers of timber stables in the UK, has gone bust.

    H&H was unable to confirm the scale of the firm’s debts, but the liquidation has left reader Anne Huntington £14,000 out of pocket — with little prospect of getting her money back.

    Hampshire-based Mrs Huntington ordered an American barn from Redmire — selling her lorry in order to fund the project — after using the company in the past.

    She feels particularly aggrieved that the Redmire sales team pushed her to part with the £14,000 deposit, which comprised 50% of the total cost of the barn.

    She explained: “My husband and I visited the premises to look around at the beginning of March and saw they were selling their ex-display units.

    “We were told they were making room for new stock.”

    After paying in April, Mrs Huntington heard nothing from the company for weeks.

    “We went to the site and everything has been taken away. It’s been completely cleared out,” she said. “This isn’t some last-minute bankruptcy, they’ve known this was coming, but continued to push for our deposit.

    “We’ve borrowed money, sold our lorry and had to pay for a base and foundations that we now don’t need.”

    H&H understands rumours that the company was struggling had been circulating within the timber industry for some time.

    Liquidators RSM Tenon said: “Redmire ceased trading on 13 May and the director subsequently instructed RSM Tenon to place the company into liquidation.

    “At present we are unable to confirm the level of a dividend payable [to creditors], if any.”

    H&H was unable to speak to any of the Redmire team.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (2 June, 2011)

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