Corgis find fame on London stage

  • Corgis, Molly and Muffin, will be walking the boards at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London to play the part of one of the Queen’s pets

    It may be just a “walk-on” part, butall big-name stars have had to start somewhere. And playing the part of one of the Queen’s dogs must rank as one of the most coveted roles for any aspiring Corgi.

    Eleven-year-old sisters, Molly and Muffin, have been plucked from relative obscurity from the South London family home of Ian Hunter to be put in the spotlight at Sadler’s Wells theatre for a production of Roald Dahl’s “The BFG”.

    The canine sisters will share the “cameo role” for a scene where the heroine, Sophie, has breakfast at Buckingham Palace.

    The pair got the part after a not-too stressful audition – there were only three others – having been asked to demonstrate: a general regal air, be docile, reasonably well trained and used to people and noise.

    The Corgi’s owner Ian Hunter says the dogs won’t be phased by the experience of being on stage.

    “We’ve had the dogs since they were pups – they’ve grown up together in a domestic atmosphere and are very good family pets.”

    The BFG is at Sadler’s Wells from 12-16 February.

    For more information visit www.sadlerswells.com

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