Concern grows over illegal horse castrations

  • Welfare organisation highlights appalling cruelty after a series of illegal horse castrations in South Wales

    A spate of illegal horse castrations in South Wales has led the RSPCA to launch an awareness campaign in a bid to prevent further cruelty.

    The society is concerned that amateurs are carrying out castrations without painkillers or the knowledge needed for such a delicate procedure.

    The RSPCA isappealing to owners that if they need their horse castrated to ensure that it is done by a qualified veterinary surgeon.

    RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil was recently called to a smallholding near Llangan, Bridgend, where she found 13 ponies which she suspected had been illegally castrated.

    The ponies were bleeding and distressed and some had suffered bruising to their faces probably as a result of struggling while they were held down during the castration.

    The RSPCA was unable to remove the ponies from the premises that evening, and when they returned the following day all the ponies had disappeared without trace.

    Gary Lucas, RSPCA chief inspector for South-East Wales, said: “It is extremely worrying that owners are carrying out this illegal operation in South Wales.

    Horses suffer tremendously from being castrated without anaesthetic and it is totally unnecessary.

    “I would urge the public to contact us ifthey know of anyone carrying out this illegal act.”

    It is illegal for anyone other than a qualified vet to castratea horse. Those found guilty can be prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering to the animal and also for breaching the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.

    Anyone with any information about the illegal castration of horses are urged to contact the RSPCA (tel: 08705 555999) or click here to visit their website.

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