Could you give one of these adorable foals a home?

  • Nine eye-catching cob foals that were born at the Blue Cross are looking for new homes.

    The youngster’s dams were all neglected mares that were taken in by the charity and subsequently nursed back to health.

    The little cobs, who are in the process of being weaned, are known as Amica, April, Daiquiri, Eddie, James, Jep, Jester, Micky and Munchkin.

    They are estimated to make between 13.3hh and 15hh, are all well-handled and have passports and microchips.

    While the sires of the foals are unknown, Blue Cross staff say that all of them seem to have inherited their mothers’ gentle temperaments.

    A future in the show ring could await some of them of produced correctly, as all have good limbs and excellent feather.

    Emily Lambert, rehoming assistant at Blue Cross Burford, explained that there were many advantages to taking on a foal from the Blue Cross.

    “Foals born in Blue Cross care are correctly handled from day one and we document every milestone they reach, so that their new owners will have a full history to work with.

    “You will build up a level of trust with your foal like no other and new experiences such as the backing process will be much more relaxed.

    “Despite not being able to ride your youngster for several years there are still plenty of fun things to do,” she added. “In-hand experiences such as showing or horse agility will help cement the trust you will build and use in later life.”

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    To find out more about how you can give a Blue Cross foal a home please visit www.bluecross.org.uk

    The Blue Cross advise that anyone interested in adopting a foal first considers whether they have the time, finances, experience, premises and support network, as well as whether they can provide the foal with suitable equine company.

    “If you can say yes to these six questions then our foals would love to meet you! In my view there is nothing more rewarding than riding a horse for the first time that you yourself have produced from foal to full grown,” Emily added.

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