Clarissa back in the saddle

  • TV star Clarissa Dickson Wright has returned to the saddle for the first time in 20 years

    A return to the saddle has had a rejuvenating effect on countryside campaigner and TV presenter, Clarissa Dickson Wright.

    Clarissa and the Countryman to be screened on BBC2 tomorrow night (15 March) follows TV personality and cook, Clarissa Dickson Wright as she gets kitted out and saddles up for a day’s foxhunting in North Yorkshire.

    It felt wonderful to be back in the saddle after 20 years,” said Clarissa afterwards. “I felt about eight years old.”

    “My horse Killarney, who I renamed Nemesis – a 15.3hh part-bred Clydesdale/Cob – was immaculately behaved.

    “He was the soul of Leicestershire galloping on a diesel engine.”

    So why did she take the plunge and get back in the saddle after all this time?

    I wanted to persuade the BBC to screen foxhunting on television and I wanted to show two fingers to the Prime Minister.”

    Clarissa admits she did have some aching muscles two days later and had difficulty in walking.

    “But I will definitely get back,” she said. “Even if it means getting arrested!”

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