Christmas gifts for lucky horses

  • No fewer than 80% of horseowners have included their horses on their Christmas shopping list, with around a fifth of enthusiasts prepared to spend more than £100 on a gift for their equine partner, according to a survey of HHO users.

    The highest price range – in excess of £100 – was the second most popular option in HHO’s recent poll, although a similar number of respondents (20%) were not planning to spend anything on their horse.

    More moderately priced gifts costing between £5 and £25 have been bought by nearly a quarter of owners, while 10% have chosen socking filler-type gifts of less than £5.

    BHS spokesperson Wendy Peckham says: “The BHS is not surprised by the number of people who are planning to give gifts to their horses. The results of this survey reflect the value of horses in their owners lives and show that owners want to reward their horses for the pleasure they give through the year.”

    These gifts will contribute to the £100 million pounds which pet owners are expected to spend on their pets in celebration of the festive period, according to a recent survey by the Blue Cross.

    The Blue Cross found that 70% of pet owners were set to buy gifts for their pets, while around four million animal lovers were planning to cook their petsa special Christmas dinner.

    HHO poll results

    How much will you spend on your horse this Christmas?

    • Nothing: 20%
    • Less than £5: 10%
    • £5 to £10: 12%
    • £10 to £25: 12%
    • £25 to £50: 14%
    • £50 to £100: 13%
    • More than £100: 19%
      Total votes: 869

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