Charity ride of a lifetime

  • A 60-year-old Englishman is raising funds for autism sufferers by riding from the South of France to Switzerland

    Musician Ray Everitt is preparing himself and his 13-year-old white Camargue pony, Black, for their journey of lifetime – a 1,000 trek through France and into Switzerland.

    Ray will be making music on the way and raising money for a French charity that helps victims of autism.

    Hewill begin from his home in the village of Gabian, in the South of France on 4 May and end the journey in the Swiss city of Berne. It’s expected to take around six weeks.

    Ray is planning several fundraising musical evenings with guest musicians, as well as a grand finale in Switzerland.

    “It’s my last big adventure,” says Ray. “Soon I’ll be getting past it and so will Black.

    It’s always been a dream of mine, setting out alone on a journey on horseback and making music along the way.”

    Ray will be making the journey solo, but a neighbour has agreed to be on stand-by with his Land Rover as back-up in case of emergencies and to bring Black home again after the journey.

    Anyone wishing to sponsor Ray should visit www.black-et-ray.org

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