Charity appeals to locals to help Dartmoor ponies in the cold weather

  • A pony charity in the south west is appealing to locals to keep an eye on Dartmoor ponies in the cold weather and snow.

    The South West Equine Protection is worried that due to the cold weather and heavy snowfall many Dartmoor ponies do not have access to food and water. And last night the snowfall over the moors was especially heavy (12 January).

    SWEP recently appealed to the public for food for the ponies and some hay has now been brought to the moors by locals and the charity — but the SWEP is now worried about the lack of water.

    “We’re especially concerned about the Roborough Downs area as there is no natural source of water there so we put troughs out — but they are all frozen up,” said a spokesman from SWEP.

    “There is also little grazing on that part so ponies there are getting in trouble quicker than on the open moors. There’s no value in what grass there is either so the ponies are now living on their bodyweight.

    “We are urging locals and dog walkers to check water troughs to ensure they are not frozen up, and if they are to break the ice for the ponies. The pipes to the troughs are also frozen so we are trying to go round filling them up.”

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