Celebrate horses through history

  • English Heritage’s “Festival of History” at Stoneleigh Park, Warks, this weekend (9-10 August) will celebrate the rich variety of England’s social and military history, with horses playing a starring role.

    From carrying Roundheads and Cavaliers into combat in an English Civil War battle to running in a race as the finale to a gladiatorial show, horses and ponies will demonstrate the crucial importance they have acquired in Britain over the centuries.

    One of the highlights is set to be a display of genuine medieval jousting, as brightly-clad knights come face-to-face in a once-deadly pursuit.

    The events are all part of a festival, which is intended to let families and friends to witness the recreation of important moments in English history, and to give them a flavour of what life would have been like.

    As well as the equestrian events, there will also be a medieval falconry display, Georgian cricket, swordfighting and Stuart cookery demonstrations. Visitors will also be able to visit a township featuring 10 historic horses ranging from medieval to more moden times.

    Admission to the event will cost £12 for adults, £9 for concessions and £6 for children, with a family ticket costing £30.

    To buy tickets for this event, or for more information (tel: 0870 333 1183) or log on to: www.english-heritage.org.uk.

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