Cast your vote on fireworks’ law

  • Scotland’s animal charity is calling on animal lovers to vote in its campaign to regulate the sale and use of fireworks

    “Damning results” from a survey of Scottish vets on their treatment of firework injuries has prompted a campaign by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to force greater controls on their use and sale.

    The society says it also received a “major increase” in firework related calls from the public.

    The campaign, named “Dump Squibs” is aimed at preventing injuries and stress to horses, domestic pets, wildlife and farm animals.

    Doreen Graham from the SSPCA, said: “The survey showed that around 8,000 animals received veterinary attention for firework related problems in Scotland during 2001.

    “By far the most common form of treatment is the use of sedatives. But vets commented that sedation should not be used over long periods of time.”

    There were alsocases of serious injuries which resulted in animals having to be put to sleep.

    In some cases, animals were the victims of deliberate firework attacks, according to the survey.

    It also found the duration of animals’ exposure to firework stress stretched far beyond 5 November, with half of all respondents reporting their first case in September or early October.

    The society believes that fireworks should be restricted to official displays or a strict timings, so that animal owners couldplan in advance how to protect their animals.

    The society is campaigning at Westminster and in the Scottish Parliament for improved powers for local authorities to control retail sales.

    The SSPCA is calling on the public to support the campaign by registering their vote on the special telephone line or website.

    Calls cost 10p on (tel: 0871 871 3770) or visit: www.scottishspca.org

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