Campaigning against export cruelty

  • Ian Stark and Sylvia Loch are two of many equestrian celebrities supporting the ILPH’s Transportation Awareness Ride this summer

    British event rider Ian Stark (pictured) is lending his support to the International League for the Protection of Horses’ (ILPH) Transportation Awareness Ride by officially starting the ride at the Border Union Show, Kelso on Saturday 27 July.

    He will be joined by Classical Dressage supremo Sylvia Loch, who will be riding her part-bred Lusitano gelding Espada.

    A number of ILPH horses and riders will join Ian in the show’s main ring immediately after the hunter championships at around 12.45pm. Members of the public are encouraged to show their support by attending on foot.

    “I am all in favour of the ILPH’s work to improve conditions for horses being transported prior to slaughter around Europe,” said Ian. “All horses should be transported in humane conditions, whether they are competition animals or equines for human consumption.”Sylvia Loch agreed, saying: “Travelling can be stressful for even the most well cared for animal. The thought of 140,000 horses travelling in conditions of intolerable squalor and depravation over so many miles without care, food or water, is a disgrace to the entire human race in the 21st century.”

    Extensive celebrity support

    The charity’s long distance ride from Scotland to London to raise awareness of the plight of horses being transported across the EU prior to slaughter has drawn considerable support from equestrian celebrities.

    Former champion jump jockey Richard Dunwoody and TV commentator Clare Balding are planning to join the ride on horseback, while many other top racing names including John McCririck, Henrietta Knight, John Francome, Carl Llewellyn, and Jonjo O’Neil are also supporting the ride.

    “We should all back the ILPH’s initiative to stop the live traffic of horses for slaughter in Europe. No horse ought to suffer these appalling transportation conditions, particularly on their final journey,” said Channel 4 attheraces’s, John McCririck.

    Raising public awareness

    The ride aims to raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of horses and donkeys that spend many days travelling in lorries in appalling conditions, often without food or water, before being slaughtered for human consumption within Europe.

    ILPH transportation consultant, Jeremy James will be giving regular talks about the ILPH’s ongoing work to improve the welfare of horses being transported for slaughter at towns and villages along the route during the ride.

    Riders wishing to take part in the first 20mile leg of the ride from Oxnam to Carter Bar are asked to meet at Cleughside Farm at 10am on Sunday 28 July when the ILPH horses and riders will start on their journey south to Westminster, London.

    Equine clubs, societies and individuals are invited to join the ride when it passes through their area. The route will be off road as much as possible. Those wishing to offer their support including accommodation for horses and riders can call (tel: 0870 908 1927), or for full details about the ride (tel: 0870 366 6910).

    To find out more about the ILPH’s work visit www.ilph.org

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