Call Richard Maxwell now!

  • Leading equine behaviourist Richard Maxwell will be taking calls and answering questions on all types of training problems today (Monday 30 July)

    For one day only – between 11am and 3pm -Richard will be discussing his tried and tested formulas based on building trust and communication between handler and horse.

    Whatever the problem with your horse, (won’t be caught, won’t load, is badly behaved etc), Max can help. Lines are busy, soplease leave a message on the answerphone if you can’t get through first time.

    Coming next

    On Monday 6 August top show rider and producer Lynn Russell will be manning the free HORSE helpline between 11am and 3pm.

    Lynn has won numerous showing championships at major shows all over the country. Call her with any showing problems you may have, such as what to wear in certain classes, what is expected of you in the ring or top tips on turn out or schooling for the show ring.

    For instant advice from experts, simply call our freephone number: (tel: 0800) 146 422 between 11am and 3pm today and on Monday 6 August

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