“Business as usual” for hunts after foot and mouth

  • Hunts around the UK can resume business following today’s relaxation of foot and mouth (FMD) control measures.

    At noon today, DEFRA lifted the control zones in Surrey placed around the two farms affected by foot and mouth on 3 August.

    A temporary 5km “biosecurity area” has been put in place around Pirbright.

    DEFRA head veterinary officer Debby Reynolds said: “The temporary area is a precautionary measure while we await the conclusions of the investigation [into the cause of the outbreak].”

    The easing of the FMD measures means hunts can now collect and dispose of fallen stock in the normal manner, and that carcases can be fed to hounds.

    The lifting of the measures also means that trail and drag hunting is permitted.

    Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, Alastair Jackson, greeted the news warmly. He said huntsmen and kennel-huntsmen around the UK have been informed this morning.

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