Buffy star opens healing centre

  • Star of the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anthony Stewart Head has opened Britain’s first holistic treatment centre for animals

    It’s a far cry from the television fantasy world of vampires and demons, but British actor Anthony Stewart Head is equally at home at a farm near Bath where together with his partner Sarah Fisher, he is helping to treat animals – mainly horses and dogs.

    Sarah Fisher has been practising the Tellington Touch method for seven years, but with the money Anthony has earned from the TV series, plus an inheritance from a horse-loving friend, the pair have bought a 90-acre farm and converted it into a healing centre.

    Anthony, who plays librarian Giles (The Watcher) in the series, has returned to live in England with Sarah and their two daughters after six years on the hit American TV show. He is now hoping to divide his time between acting and working with animals.

    “Tellington Touch is a holistic approach to healing,” says Sarah, who also runs workshops and practitioner training courses. “If you free the horse physically, then you free it emotionally and mentally too.

    “It not only involves tissue work on the animal’s body but also ground exercises and ridden exercises to help posture and relieve tension.”

    Treatment also involves looking at farriery and the horse’s diet and teeth.

    For more information contact (tel: 01761 471182 or 07968 006529) or email sarahfisher@tteam.co.uk

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