British Horse Society clamps down on dog attacks

  • The British Horse Society (BHS) is calling for victims of dog attacks to contact them following a series of reported incidents involving horses. The BHS is trying to assess whether dog attacks are a large-scale issue which would require an awareness campaign.

    Several attacks have been reported in H&H in the past year. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier was taken in by police after attacking a horse and rider in Northamptonshire earlier this month (see news, 14 February).

    Back in June, event horse Shear Su was mauled by a Rhodesian Ridgeback while out hacking (news, 30 August) in Kent. Earlier that month, some unknown dogs jumped on to two grazing horses, who were so startled that they escaped from their paddock on to the main road in Cheshire (news 5 July).

    Director of access safety and welfare Mark Weston said: “We would encourage anyone who has suffered as the result of a dog attack to fill in the form on our website, so that we can gauge how widespread this problem is.”

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