British Dressage 2018 rule changes: new bits, nosebands and bridles

  • British Dressage (BD) will be allowing a number of additional bridles, nosebands and bits in its competitions for 2018.

    The tack has already been permitted for use in FEI competitions and the British governing body has followed suit.

    PS of Sweden high jump

    The bridles include a number of PS of Sweden’s models. Horses will be able to be ridden in the pioneer, nirak, high jump, jump off and elastic concept bridle.

    The Shadow Horse bridle with d-rings at the poll will also be allowed, as well as the Stubben freedom 2500 snaffle, the Passier fortuna double and the Osiris bridle by VT Horses.

    Nosebands are also covered in the changes, including the tota and PS of Sweden Nosebands.

    Loose ring ultra comfy

    In addition, new bits will be allowed in 2018. These include Bombers Equestrians’ flexible mullen, happy tongue ported barrel, eliptical cable and loose ring ultra comfy.

    “Tack and equipment will be reviewed at the beginning of each season,” said a BD spokesman.

    “All revisions will be published on the [BD] website and/or rule book.

    “A supplementary handy pictorial tack and equipment guide will be available online shortly.”

    Additional changes

    Allowing riders to carry whips in premier league classes but eliminating those who do so in championships is another change due to be brought in next season.

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    BD is dropping the six penalties per judge currently given to any rider to carry a whip in these classes, while still allowing them in other national classes.

    It is also stipulating that three judges must be used for all championships and they should be positioned both on the long and short sides of the arena.

    In addition, competitor numbers must now be worn on both sides of the horse.

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