Britain’s Olympic team farrier to give seminar

  • Farrier for Britain’s Olympic dressage and eventing teams, Haydn Price, and dressage judge Margot Tiffany, will kick off a series of seminars hosted by veterinary practice Alnorthumbria Equine next month.

    “Watch this pace” will be held on 18 October at The Gubeon Equestrian Centre in Morpeth.

    Haydn will discuss gait analysis and the importance of examining how a horse moves and Margot will talk about how you can make a horse perform to the best of its ability.

    “The presentation will give a fresh perspective on an often over-looked aspect of horse care and performance,” said Haydn.

    “A number of years ago with the help of Professor John E Davis, I developed a portable gait analysis system to optimise the trimming and shoeing of the hoof, so that the horse can move in the most efficient way.

    “Within the seminar we will look at this analysis and discover how remedial shoeing can combat problems with the horse.”

    Alnorthumbria- which is the largest veterinary practice in the Northumberland – will run seminars monthly until January 2013.

    “Our aim as an equine veterinary practice is to ensure that we stay fully informed and that our clients can benefit from the latest information,” said Alnorthumbria’s Lesley Barwise-Munro.

    For more information contact Fairmoor Equine Clinic on 01670 897597

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