Britain welcomes Lipizzaners

  • The famous Lipizzaners from The Spanish Riding School of Vienna are making a welcome return to Britain after an absence of more than four years

    Noted for their intelligence and exceptional ability to demonstrate traditional dressage in its purest form, the “white horses” from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna have dazzled audiences all over the world for generations with their exceptional skill and poise.

    Twenty-sixLipizzaners and eight riders, under the guidance of First Chief Rider Arthur Kottas, will demonstrate classic haute ecole movements, including the Levade, Courbette and Capriole in a magnificent display of “airs above the ground”.

    The tour willvisit two venues – Birmingham NEC and Wembley Arena – and will also feature the Band of the Blues and Royals, the Drum Horse and State Trumpeters from the Household Cavalry.

    The dates are:

  • Birmingham NEC 22-25 November 2001

  • Wembley Arena 29-30 November and 1-2 December

    Director of the Spanish Riding School, Dr Werner Pohl, says they are looking forward to the UK tour.

    “British audiences are among the most appreciative and knowledgeablein the world. It is always a pleasure to bring the school to such a horse-loving country.”

    Tickets for the shows are priced between £15-£55 (subject to booking fee) and are available from NEC (tel:0870 010 0616), Wembley Arena (tel: 0870 736 6969, Ticketmaster (tel: 0870 077 2001), First Call (tel: 0870 906 3714).

    For more information on the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, visit www.spanishridingschool.com

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