‘Brian’ the police horse dismissed from training

  • A police horse who caused a social media campaign against his name change has failed his training.

    “Brian” — a six-year-old 17.2hh Shire Friesian cross — was on a six-week training course with the police but according to the force he “didn’t settle to an urban environment and was nervous.”

    Although he had been progressing well in training, Brian was raised in a rural environment and he started to become “nervous when out and about,” said Sgt Spencer Kervin.

    “You can see the change in him when he walks out the gates of the police station, which endangers him, the officer on board and the public around his feet,” the officer said.

    Brian was in danger of being renamed if he met the grade as a new recruit in the police’s mounted section. When it was proposed that his name would be changed to one more “godlike” such as Hercules or Odin to align with police tradition, the British public protested in support of Brian and his unassuming name.

    Pro-Brians of the world united on social media to voice their opinions on the potential name change.

    Social media user Sue Bingham said: “He looks sensible, dependable, and kind. In short, he looks like a Brian.”

    “It’s bad luck to change a horses name! Brian is a fantastic name for a horse like him,” said Facebook user Kayleigh Crossland.

    Brian will now be returned to The Stables Equestrian Centre in Bedfordshire. Thames Valley Police tweeted the news and said: “Despite his fame, Brian’s not made it through his trial and returns to his owner today (Wednesday 18 February).”

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