Although no records were broken, there were still some huge prices paid for the 49 dressage horses and show jumpers sold at this year’s PSI Sale in Ankum,Germany.

The top lot was a show jumper. HS Europa (Carthago/Landgraf I), the reigning German five-year-old champion, made DMK2,300,000 (around £766,000).

This big Holstein mare, who is related to several top-class performers, including Otto Becker’s Sydney gold medal-winning team ride, Dobel’s Cento, makes a superb shape and looks likely to reach the top.

Qredo (Qredo De Paulstra/Elf III), a six-year-old Selle Francais stallion, has won at M level in Germany and this chesnut, whose relatives include successful stallions in Baloubet Du Rouet and Quick Star, sold for DMK1,500,000 (around £500,000).

A strong group of dressage prospects aged between three and six years attracted great interest.

Four broke the DMK1m barrier, with the top price of DMK1,300,00 (around£433,000) being paid for the four-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Weltclassiker (Welt Hit II/Classiker).

Welt Hit IV (Weltmeyer/Hill Hawk), a three-year-old Oldenburg stallion, made DMK1,200,000 (around £400,000), while the Hanoverians Mambo No 5 (Metternich/Baigotti) and Placido (Prestige Pilot/Watzmann) made DMK1,100,000 (around £366,000) and DMK1,050,000 (around £350,000) respectively.

There were buyers in attendance from all over the world, with two horses going to the Ukraine, eight to the USA, three to Mexico and one to the United Arab Emirates.

River Dance (Remondo/Welt As), a six-year-old dressage prospect, sold for DMK600,000 (around £100,000) to a British buyer.


Dressage Horses

1. Dark Magic (Donnerhall/Wiesengrund) 6-y-o gelding DMK420,000

2. Dos a Dos (Duntroon/Arratos) 4-y-o gelding DMK900,000

3. Dekade (Don Gregory/Rubinstein I) 4-y-o mare DMK140,000

4. Mambo No 5 (Metternich/Biagotti) 5-y-o gelding DMK1,100,000

5. Primus inter pares (Pik Noir/Nobel Roi) 4-y-o gelding DMK130,000

6. Dow Jones (De Niro/Andiamo) 3-y-o stallion DMK280,000

7. Welt Hit VI (Weltmeyer/Hill Hawk) 3-y-o stallion DMK1,200,000

8. Chateau Paradise (Continue/Wohlgemuth) 5-y-o stallion DMK170,000

9. Placido (Prestige Pilot/Watzmann) 5-y-o gelding DMK1,050,000

10. Paradise (Plaisir D¨Amour/Figaro) 4-y-o mare DMK300,000

11. Der Rubin (Donnerhall/Rubinstein I) 4-y-o gelding DMK600,000

12. Partyking (Pik Noir/Manstein) 3-y-o stallion not sold

13. Sketch (Saint Cloud/Picard) 4-y-o gelding DMK400,000

14. Jet Set (Justinian/Donnerhall) 5-y-o gelding DMK430,000

15. Dry Sherry (Don Primero/Castro) 3-y-o gelding DMK140,000

16. Winterbottom (Welt Hit/Glorieux) 4-y-o gelding DMK180,000

17. River Dance (Remondo/Welt As) 6-y-o gelding DMK600,000

18. Revue Girl (Regazzoni/Castro) 5-y-o mare DMK300,000

19. Komponist (Kubrick/Feiner Stern) 4-y-o gelding DMK450,000

20. WorldChallenge (Welt Hit/Acapulco) 4-y-o gelding DMK220,000

21. Sommerlier (Sandro Hit/Classiker) 3-y-o stallion DMK160,000

22. Dukatengold (Dream Of Glory/Manstein) 4-y-o stallion DMK250,000

23. Elite (Ex Libris/Foxtrott) 4-y-o gelding not sold

24. Welfenadel (Welt Hit/Pablo) 3-y-o stallion DMK250,000

25. Caribbean Flair (Cheenook/Akzent II) 4-y-o gelding DMK300,000

26. Weltclassiker (Welt Hit/Classiker) 4-y-o gelding DMK1,300,000


27. Logo (Lancer II/Goldrausch) 6-y-o gelding DMK250,000

28. Centor Z (Centauer Z/Alme Z0 6-y-o stallion DMK310,000

29. El Polderfurstin (Polydor/Fruhlingstraum) 5-y-o mare DMK200,000

30. HS Europea (Carthago/Landgraf) 5-y-o mare DMK2,300,000

31. Costa Rica (Contender/Futur) 4-y-o mare DMK95,000

32. Landay (Landfriese/Aldatus) 5-y-o gelding DMK150,000

33. Quabriella (Quick Star/Glucksstern) 6-y-o mare DMK350,000

34. Leon Cavallo (Liostro/Caletto) 6-y-o gelding not sold

35. Akardik (Acord/Volturno) 6-y-o stallion DMK900,000

36. Colandra (Contender/Landgraf) 5-y-o mare DMK800,000

37. Quenido (Quick Star/Fundus) 6-y-o stallion DMK240,000

38. Lacoste (Lacros/Silbersee) 5-y-o stallion DMK900,000

39. Charly (Carthago/Tanger) 5-y-o gelding DMK450,000

40. Burgunder (Burggraf/Kilian) 7-y-o stallion DMK150,000

41. Sherry (Sherlock Holmes/Airport) 6-y-o gelding DMK365,000

42. Aladdin (Alcatraz/Lord) 6-y-o gelding DMK130,000

43. Checker (Calando/Lavall) 5-y-o gelding DMK250,000

44. Qredo (Qredo De Paulstra/Elf III) 6-y-o stallion DMK1,500,000

45. Armageddon (Almox Prints/Polydor) 5-y-o gelding DMK170,000

46. Rimini Z (Ramiro Z/Leuthen) 5-y-o gelding DMK250,000

47. Quifilio (Quick Star/Filius) 6-y-o stallion DMK600,000

48. Quick-Step (Quattro B/Belfalas) 5-y-o gelding DMK70,000

49. My Girl (Caletto I/Lorenz) 5-y-o mare DMK277,000

50. Quick Boy (Quick Star/Gepard) 5-y-o gelding DMK250,000

51. Canonboy (Continue/Domino) 7-y-o gelding DMK300,000

52. Quigolo (Quick Star/Dimenos) 6-y-o stallion DMK220,000