BHS throws ragwort pulling party

  • The BHS Welfare Department is hosting the first ragwort pulling party at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire tomorrow (20 September). Hundreds of horses die each year after eating ragwort each year and the BHS is determined to stop the deadly yellow-flowered weed spreading over grazing land across the country. “September is the time of year when ragwort should be removed,” said Rachel Molloy from the BHS.

    Volunteers across Britain and Ireland are being encouraged to follow suit and organise Pulling Parties to rid the British countryside of ragwort. “The BHS receives hundreds of calls and emails from people concerned about ragwort growing in their area,” says Rebecca Palmer, Acting BHS Senior Executive of Welfare, “Commonly, action to prevent the spread of ragwort is taken by horse and livestock owners, but problems with ragwort growing on roadside verges and wasteland is still a major issue as it can easily spread to nearby grazing land.”

    The BHS Welfare Department is hosting the first pulling party tomorrow afternoon in the grounds of Stoneleigh Park “We’re hoping other people across Britain will do the same,” said Molloy, “wearing the right safety equipment of course.” Party participants can submit photos of their event to the BHS and a prize will be awarded to the best.

    A free leaflet Advice on The Dangers of Ragwort, as well as Defra Codes of Practice and Defra Guidance on the disposal options for Common Ragwort. Please contact the BHS Welfare Department for further information or advice.

    For more information and ticket details, please contact the BHS Welfare Department on 01926 707807 or email R.Molloy@bhs.org.uk

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